♻️ Not just any capsule

Not just any capsule, but recyclable, biodegradable & compostable!

Who is it for?

Specialty capsules are definitely not for everyone. This is a way to make coffee for busy people who do not fully feel the magic of manual brewing with a dripper or Chemex, but appreciate both high quality and convenience. Here, someone does all the work for you, sets the dose, the method of grinding and adjusts it to brewing in a capsule machine so that all you need to do is enjoy the taste of coffee.

The possibility of testing many coffees at the same time is also a huge advantage. When you buy a packet of specialty coffee and open it, you have no choice but to drink it for a long time, so that it doesn’t oxidize too quickly and lose its aromas. In the case of capsules, you can choose many flavors and enjoy coffee from Guatemala, Colombia and Ecuador in one day!

Specialty capsules can also be the first step towards higher quality coffee.

All our capsules are compatible with traditional Nespresso® capsule machines.